4 tips on how to choose a Garage Builder in Chicagoland

A garage is not just some add-on attached to the side of a property, a garage is an important part of the property as any garage builder will tell you that when built well adds significant value. Choosing your garage builder and having your garage built correctly applies in Chicago as much as it does anywhere else.

Finding the right garage builder in the greater Chicago area is just part of the challenge when constructing your new garage or remodeling, extending or just uplifting your existing garage. One can’t just wake up one morning, call a builder and start constructing a new garage either and the right garage builder will tell you so.

Image source: Garage For You, Inc.

How to choose a garage builder

  • Permits and Documentation
    It is impossible to just wake up and start building a new garage or knock down your existing garage without permission. A good garage builder will know this and will have either in-house team or will work with professionals who can get all the documentation together. This is a vital element of the construction process and it is worthwhile spending a little time and effort with a reliable garage builder to get this in place.
  • Construction and design
    The design and construction of your new or remodeled garage is an important part of the job. A good garage builder will work with you to develop your design, any drawings will be required in the application for permission to build and spending time and effort on this always pays off. It is worthwhile considering exactly what your garage will be used for, remembering to make sure plumbing and electricity can be provided as this can easily be overlooked. A reliable garage builder will not only design the garage but also construct it using high quality lumber and other materials. Having a turnkey solution is ideal.
  • Warranties and Insurance
    Insurance and warranties are important when choosing your garage builder. Insurance when the garage is under construction is important, a garage builder with this in place shows that safety, customer satisfaction and general good service are a top priority. Having a warranty for the work completed separates the good garage builders from those of excellence. A warranty provides an assurance of build quality and provides peace mind. Concrete floors can crack or sink, roofing can leak and automated garage doors can fail. Making sure all work is under some form of warranty of guarantee may mean you pay a little more but it is worth it in the end.
  • References
    A garage builder like any builder relies on references and happy customers to get more work. Before you choose a garage builder ask for some references, do not just rely on website testimonials ask for real references that you can speak to and even see the garage constructed. One man’s word will often be worth more than anything else when having a garage built, and taking the time to make a few calls to real people will pay off.

In Chicago there are countless builders and construction firms, many will say they are garage builders. Using the 4 simple tips above will help you not only find a great garage builder in Chicagoland but also ensure you have the ideal garage constructed that will work for you and add value to your property.