The Best Cleaning Service for You

The Best Cleaning Service for You

House cleaning is a very tiresome chore to take care of. Cleaning is a very long and tedious thing to do. It takes a lot of time to do, and at the same time it also requires a lot of effort that might take away your energy from other tasks. It is a chore that is often frustrating because of the work that goes into it. To alleviate your problem, hiring a house cleaning service is the best choice. Hiring a good cleaning service assures you that your boring chore is taken care of without problems, and we at Master Green Cleaning are the best fit for your needs.


Master Green Cleaning in Chicago offers the best professionals for your services. Our team is highly trained and consists of the most experienced people in the profession. Our method of cleaning is precise, thorough, and customized. We offer a range of services related to house cleaning. Our equipment is of the highest quality, and we only use the top brands in the market. Furthermore, we offer some of the best prices in the market for our cleaning services. We offer a number of different cleaning services such as normal house cleaning, spring cleaning, and special services. The following are the services we offer.

All Rooms

We dust everything from decorations to picture frames. Every single inch of the floor is rubbed clean of all dust and other impurities. For marble floors, we use a wet cloth to rub the floor clean and make it shine. Walls are cleared of cobwebs, and all tables and shelves are dusted. We make sure that nothing inside your room is moved to a different position or harmed in any way. Your room shall remain in the same way as you have set it, but cleaner and shinier.


We wipe everything from the toilets to the mirror to the sink clean, and make it shine like you have never seen it before. All chrome objects are polished, and the entire bathroom is sanitized for germs. The toilet is flushed with bleach and the showerheads and bathtubs are scrubbed clean. After cleaning, the bathroom is deodorized, making it look and smell well.


All appliances, counters, shelves, and cabinets are scrubbed clean. The chrome appliances are polished, and the wood is polished as well. The shelves and counters are scrubbed until they shine. The floors are washed with antiseptic. Furthermore the sink is sanitized and the drainage is checked as well.

Besides the three services listed here, we offer a lot of other cleaning services as well. We work on everything from furniture treatment to post-construction cleaning as well. You can rely on us for dealing with all of your electrical appliances with the utmost care and providing you with the best cleaning service. So look no further than Master Green Cleaning whilst searching for a house cleaning service. We offer the best professionals, the best technology, and the utmost care for your possessions.